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Everything You Need To Know About Clay Bars

A clay bar is a special type of clay that is used to maintain the good look of car paint, glass, fiberglass or metal. Funny enough, this material is actually not made of clay; rather, it consists of a synthetic resin that is malleable and elastic in nature. It’s popularly referred to as auto detailing clay. The main[…]

6x9 car speakers

Best 6×9 Speakers For Your Car 2018

We can all agree on one thing; that our cars rarely produce pleasing sound when we’re relying on their manufacturer’s custom installed music systems. In fact, this is the reason a majority of us will upgrade their systems as soon as they’ve acquired their cars to ensure they enjoy more premium sound experience. This got me thinking. Could[…]

lithium ion jump starter

10 Best Lithium Ion Jump Starter Reviews 2018

Car battery jump starters are nothing new in the automobile industry. However, until 2013 or thereabout, those that worked well were bulky, hard covered devices powered by heavy lead-acid batteries. While these devices are still considered useful for auto recovery and other related tasks, they can be quite cumbersome to carry along as part of your vehicle emergency[…]