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Best 6×9 Speakers For Your Car 2019

We can all agree on one thing; that our cars rarely produce the most pleasant of sounds when using their manufacturer’s custom installed music systems. Indeed, this is the reason the majority of car owners upgrade their systems as soon as they’ve buy new cars for a more premium sound experience.

This got me thinking. Could it be that manufacturers install these cheap quality sound systems intentionally so that we can pay for upgrades? Well, if this is the case, then we’ve got a brilliant way to help you beat around that.

Instead of paying for the upgrades that these companies sell to you at exorbitant prices, why not check out some of the best 6×9 speakers that we’ve researched for you below?

But why 6×9 speakers?

Well, if you’re looking for a music system that offers you a great balance between producing a punch, clear sound and a perfect size that fits well in your car, then acquiring a set of 6×9 speakers could be a smart idea.

In today’s post therefore, we review the top 10 6×9 speaker we found on Amazon based on factors like customer satisfaction (reviews) price, and overall features. As if that’s not enough, we’ll outline a few key factors that you need to consider when lookung to purchase a set of these sound system for your car. Remember to check out our detailed buyer guide immediately after the reviews.

Ready? Let’s go…

Top 10 Best 6×9 Speakers 2019

CT Sounds Bio 6

CT Sounds is well known for its vast array of compelling and high-quality products, and that’s the exact thing you can expect with this remarkable speaker. Bio 6×9 brings with it a real balance between a beautiful design and quality sound. These speakers come with outstanding credentials that yield a true surround sound setting within your vehicle. With a black stamp steel basket, the CT Sound Bio 6×9 speakers can be tightly mounted to any position within your car.

The speaker has a Nitrile Butadiene Rubber surround and a plastic polypropylene cone which helps your system hit maximum sound quality. Its coaxial speaker system comes with both the tweeter and woofer in the same piece of equipment while also featuring a crossover circuitry beneath it.

A single coaxial speaker has a power rating of 40W RMS and 80W peak power while a pair comes with 80W RMS and 160W peak power. It also has with a sensitivity rating of 90dB, a frequency range of 40 Hz – 20 kH, and a Silk Dome Tweeter.


  • Speakers are made of plastic polypropylene which is quite hard but light enough to allow crisp and clear sound.
  • CT Sound Bio uses a silk dome tweeter rather than the cheap aluminum one that’s commonly used in other cheaper speakers.


  • The speaker set lacks mounting hardware, wires, instructions, and even a manual.
Rockford Fosgate P1692 Punch 6'x9' 2-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)

Are you looking for an appealing surround speaker to replace that low-quality factory installed unit in your car? This Punch series full-range speaker will certainly be worth your consideration. The set is CEA certified and comes with power handling capacity of 75 watts RMS and 150 watts Peak. It also brings on board a Flex Fit basket that makes it compatible with odd shaped factory speaker positions. In addition, P1692 starter pack includes an Integrated Concealed Crossover (ICC) which eliminates the need to mount black boxes.

What’s more? These speakers boast of premium construction and design that includes a butyl rubber surround, a mineral-filled & polypropylene injection molded cone, PEI dome tweeter, and a Flex Fit basket design. The innovative Vertical Attach Surround Technique improves its effectiveness by increasing the radiating cone area without complicating installation issues.


  • Comes with an Integrated Concealed Crossover which creates a cleaner look and makes it easier to install.
  • The speaker’s Flex Fit frame allows you to utilize the previous positions occupied by factory-installed speakers where possible and also allows slight adjustments of the speakers when mounted.


  • Punch P1692 is not too heavy on bass and especially when on low-powered systems.
JBL CLUB9600C 6X9 Component Car Speaker

JBL CLUB9600Cis a high-fidelity brand that is engineered for challenging environments in any automobile. These speakers come with carbon-injected cones that are generally larger compared to others of its size class which therefore means that they allow more air circulation and this significantly boosts its bass production.

JBL CLUB9600C speakers also come with soft-dome tweeters that are embodied with oversized voice coils to allow higher power handling and heat dissipation. This results in a smooth reproduction of realistic lows, mid, and even highs ranges. The speaker’s tweeter features a double level volume adjustment button which can be used to set a personal preference sound pattern. The presence of three-ohm speakers with low-impedance helps utilize every watt delivered by your stereo thereby compensating for the lack of proper system wiring in most of the modern cars.

These speakers boast 60W RMS and a dedicated 12dB high-quality crossover that directs the highs and lows to the individual speakers for the best sound possible.


  • Comes with an exceptional quality of hardware and woofer material.
  • Massive and highly detailed sound quality


  • The bass quality is quite questionable especially when you’re not using an amp.
Clarion SRG6953R 6

The Clarion SRG6953R will possibly be a perfect fit if you’re looking for an improved sound system while also remaining conscious of your budget. The speaker delivers an unparalleled presence in your car with its fantastic Multiaxial 5-Way design. Embodied with separate drivers that are designed to combine at different ranges in the sound spectrum, Clarion SRG6953R can generate ultra-realistic sound. From gleaming highs, fantastic-mid ranges to extraordinary lows, this unit is a product of aggregation of both experience and knowledge.

The Clarion’s injection-molded cone is made of a blend of propylene and mica to attain excellent response thereby making it ideal for digital sources. Its tweeters feature PEI Balanced-Drive for improved dynamic range as well as the metallized diaphragm material for reduced mass and excellent response. What’s more? It has a power handling capacity of 600watts RMS and 100watts peak.


  • Clarion SRG6953R boasts a high power handling capability than a majority of speakers in the same category (600W/RMS and 100W/Peak).
  • It comes with tweeters and midrange that are flush with the body of the speaker.
  • Has high capacity frequency which helps to generate crystal clear sounds.


  • Clarion SRG6953R features way too many high frequencies at loud volumes.
Polk Audio DB691 6-by-9-Inch 3-Way Speakers

If you’re are looking for speakers to tune up your vehicle’s audio performance, then you better do it with Polk Audio DB691 speakers. This is a revolutionary 3-way speaker set that features a cutting-edge technology which permits efficient and incredible sound production like you’ve never heard before. Besides its appealing design, this unit comes with a Mica Cone woofer and a Silk/Polymer Dome Tweeter that allows smooth roll-off and quick response at any volume.

For an increased bass response and longevity of the speaker, the surround is made of a light yet rigid rubber material. This marine certified Polk Audio speaker also exhibit great versatility and profound ability to use several applications. It comes with power handling capacity of 125 watts RMSA as well as a sensitivity rating of 93dB. The Audio DB691 requires less power input since it’s a high-efficiency loudspeaker.


  • Polk Audio DB691 delivers excellent performance and durability.
  • The speaker’s butyl rubber surround can withstand the stress of extreme sunlight, temperature, and light.


  • The unit falls short in the bass category as it starts to plummet at approximately 100 Hz.
Kicker DS693 6x9 Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

Kicker series of speakers is a highly reputable brand that can easily enhance the musical quality of your car. Whether you’re searching for affordable component speakers to complement your car subs or just to add a little fun to your vehicle’s interior sound, these speakers excel like no other out there. With 70 watts RMS power and 140 Watts Peak Power, the Kicker DS693 speakers will bring a whole new level of sound quality to your car’s stereo.

Kicker DS693 uses a high-quality cone, handy voice coils, and ribbed surround although it manages to retain enough mounting depth for quick and easy upgrades in kick panels or vehicle’s doors.

Besides, they come with 92dB sensitivity rating and 4 Ohm impedance, meaning they have the ability to reproduce the lowest amount of power delivered. Kicker DS693 package comes with several key items including the speaker system, the mounting hardware, speaker wire, and grilles.


  • Kicker DS693’s mids and highs are robust and deliver crisp musical sound.
  • Easy to install since it comes with mounting hardware, grilles, and speakers wire.
  • Superb value for money.


  • Not recommended for people that like music with lots of high-end basses.
Kenwood KFC-1665S Best 6x9 Speakers

Kenwood KFC-1665S speakers boast an impressive power handling trio of 30 watts RMS power and 300 watts peak power. Combining premium frequency response and a capable sensitivity, these speakers can only be referred to as auditory powerhouses that can deliver crisp, smooth, and quality sound.

KFC-1665S offers clear and undistorted sound throughout all thanks to the black steel basket that helps to reduce noise cancellation and also balance frequency ranges. In addition, these speakers feature a 2” PEI balanced dome tweeter embodied with a 1” ceramic super-tweeter. They also have a sensitivity rating of 92Db. If you’re looking for a great custom speaker setup for your car without necessarily breaking your bank, then the KFC-1665S speaker is by far the best option to


  • These speakers offer a pretty decent quality with their high power handling capacity. In addition, they offer great sensitivity and frequency response.
  • Produce crisp, smooth, and quality sound.
  • KFC-1665S speakers are relatively affordable and provide real value for money.


  • They’re not designed to hold too much bass.
Pioneer TSA6966R TS-A6966R

Pioneer TS-A6966R speakers are made by combining different high-quality materials aimed at creating a great diaphragm of excellent rigidity and lightness. This, therefore, means that the unit is capable of producing a clear and soothing sound that’s devoid of distortion and versed with excellent sensitivity as well as reduced degree of internal loss. Just as the name suggests, Pioneer TS-A6966R belongs to the latest TS-A-series speakers that feature an exclusive design of a multi-layer mica matrix cone. The upper layer works to maintain the cone’s rigidity and internal loss while the inner layer utilizes a lightweight and water-resistant material to minimize stress caused by extreme sunlight or temperatures.

Pioneer TS-A6966R features a robust tweeter built to deliver a high range of mid and high-level frequencies while also producing a sound that’s optimized for higher volumes. Like all other products in this new TS-A line of speakers, TS-A6966R exhibits significant technological improvements for enhanced sound quality, better performance, stiffer suspension and more accurate response. For example, it comes with an inventive cooling basket that has an air vent for elevated cooling to process the improved power handling. The speaker has 420 watts of peak power.


  • Pioneer TS-A6966R features a multi-player, mica matrix cone design for maximum sound responsiveness and reproduction.
  • It comes with a heat-resistant voice coil wire that gives it the ability to withstand high input power.
  • Has lightweight elastic polymer surround that’s tolerant to extreme conditions.


  • These speakers are not waterproof.
Infinity Reference 9632IX 6x9 Car Speakers

Innovative designs and cutting-edge engineering have always earned Infinity products a competitive edge in the overly crowded car sound systems market. And for these new Infinity Reference 9633CF speakers, expect nothing short of incredible sound production and intuitive designs created using high-end materials. While the total output of these speakers is way above par, what will surprise you more is perhaps the preciseness and accuracy of the sound they produce. This can be attributed to the speaker’s 100 watts RMS, 300 watts of peak power, and 2 Ohm impedance.

The durable rubber surround and the plus one woofer cones that the Reference 9633CF feature help to guarantee higher efficiency and increased bass output. In addition, their tweeter and textile dome midrange are edge-driven to increase power handling and lower distortions at higher output levels. Infinity Reference 9633CF comes with swivel positioning and tweeter level adjustment for optimizing sound and stereo image. The crossovers in this package are pre-wired thereby making it easy and faster to install.


  • Provides clear sound which does not distort even when cranked up.
  • Offers a perfect power handling trio.
  • Features an exclusive tweeter level adjustment located at the front of the speaker.


  • Some consumers have complained that the unit doesn’t come with enough use and mounting instructions.
JL Audio C1-690tx Coaxial Car Audio Speakers

If you’re looking for speakers that will make good music sound great, consider acquiring the JI Audio C1 -690tx speakers. Everything from the material used to create this speaker sets to their design is geared at eliminating sound distortion. As a result, these speaker exhibits extremely sharp detail, smooth frequency response, and ability to play music at higher volumes with little or no strain. JI Audio C1 -690tx can hold 70 watts of continuous power and 125 watts of maximum power.

With polypropylene woofer composition, 93dB sensitivity rating, 15-125 watts power range, 4Ohm impedance, and silk suspended dome tweeters, these speakers have the ability to reproduce and convey high-frequency music in a precise and detailed manner. The polyether foam speaker’s surround and the injection molded mica filled polypropylene cone body help to add extra sparkle that produces inherent intricacies of your kind of music while also maintaining a seamless flow of both the high and low frequencies.


  • With JI Audio C1 -690tx speakers, you’ll be able to hear all subtleties of woodwinds and still enjoy clear bass even at high volumes.
  • These speakers are made of top-quality materials that are durable and highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.


  • Relatively expensive compared to other speakers in the same class.

Best 6×9 Speakers Buying Guide 2019

car speakers reviews

When purchasing speakers for your car, 6×9 speakers can be an excellent choice in helping you revitalize your music. However, they come in several varieties in terms of models, types, and shapes. This makes it is quite difficult to choose the best option that fits your taste. However, don’t worry as this guide here highlights several key factors you need to consider when selecting the best 6×9 speakers.

  • Match Speakers to Your System

When determining whether a set of 6×9 speakers is suitable for your car’s sound system, you need to consider these two specifications;


Sensitivity determines the amount of power the speaker will yield depending on the how much power is applied which is why it should be your first consideration. For example, if your stereo is low-powered and generates 15watts RMS per channel or less, like those factory installed systems, then you should choose speakers that have a high sensitive rating; preferably those with over 90dB. If your car has a high yielding power-system maybe one with 16 watts RMS or more like external amplifiers or aftermarket stereos, then you need to look for speakers with lower sensitivity ratings.

When speakers are adequately powered, they will produce high-quality sound. The one thing you need to understand is that the lower the sensitivity, the more your speakers will be adapted to handle higher power.

Power handling

This is a pretty simple consideration albeit increasingly crucial. It’s a measure of the amount of power (in watts) a speaker can handle. If your car has a low-powered system, you don’t need to purchase speakers that require so much power. On the other hand, if your system has powerful external amps, you will need speakers with power-handling closer to the one produced by the output amps.

While checking for the speaker’s power handling capacity, you need to differentiate between the RMS power rating and the Peak power rating. The RMS represents the amount of power a speaker can handle continuously while the Peak rating represents the maximum amount of power a speaker can withstand in short bursts. This is possibly why RMS is considered to be the most important evaluation factor when looking for the best 6×9 speaker for bass.

  • Know the Type of Speakers You Want

Speakers are categorized into two classes: full-range speakers and component speakers.

Full-range speakers

Full-range speakers come as a single package with all elements combined. Simply put, they contain the woofer and the tweeter in one basket. Some may even come with additional drivers like super-tweeter and midrange. If you’re looking forward to minimum fuss and muss when replacing factory installed speakers, full-range speakers are what you may want to go for.

Component speakers

Component speakers come with separate parts including tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers. All these components adhere to a superior design that allows them to work together once they’re connected. Perhaps what you’ll love about this type of speakers is that everything comes separate and therefore you can mount any of them in a space you deem appropriate in your car. A majority of component sound systems come with excellent internal and external features that help to bring sharp delineation and thus produce more realistic sound. The other outstanding benefit you get with these speakers is that they’re in most cases made of high-quality materials than their full-range counterparts. This helps to enhance their capacity to deliver excellent dynamics and crisp sound effects.

  • Type of Material Design

Durability and sound quality also depend on the material design used to build a 6×9 speaker.

Woofer material

Woofer material can determine the quality, responsiveness, and the clarity of sound. As such, if you’re looking for a high-quality sound that highlights both high and low notes in music, it’s important to ensure that your speaker’s material is stiff but light in weight. Most car speakers are made of common synthetic films such as polypropylene. However, to yield more accurate bass response, manufacturers tend to mix polypropylene with stiffer materials like mica. Synthetic materials coated with light metals such as titanium and aluminum also produce excellent responses.

Tweeter materials

A broad array of tweeters are made from soft materials such as silk, poly or textile blends. All these materials help in creating a mellow and sharply refined sound. However, the most reliable types are built from ceramics, graphite, or metal.

Surround materials

A speaker surround also plays a pivotal role as it allows the cone of the woofer to navigate freely thus emitting a bolder bass. Rubber-made surrounds offer some of the best performances. However, those made using foam and cloth tend to be more popular since they’re more affordable and still offer optimum performance.


When choosing the best 6×9 speakers, the most important factors to consideration is sensitivity and power-handling rating. Additionally, it’s important that you also take seriously the type and quality of the materials used to make the speaker.

To this end, we believe that you now can make more informed choices when choosing the best 6×9 speakers as you seek to enhance your car sound system. As such, it’s our hope that you’ll be able to find a speaker set that complements all your music needs.

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