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Top 5 Best Jack Stands to Consider in 2019- Honest Reviews

If you’re an automobile enthusiast who enjoys doing various DIY routine maintenance activities such as changing oil, replacing a rusty floor pan, or fitting a sump guard, then it’s inevitable that you’ll sometimes require to hoist your vehicle off the ground and crawl beneath it to complete some of these tasks. While at it, it’s easy to get tempted to resort to using shortcuts including replacing a jack stand with cinderblocks as most of your fellow DIYs may recommend.

However, did you know just how much risk you expose yourself to when you turn to such using such a tact? Indeed, there’s a reason why martial arts experts often pick cinderblocks to break instead of Jack stands; cinderblocks will crush if sudden shock or significant weight is placed on them.

Why look for the best jack stands?

If you’re yearning to be (or consider yourself a home mechanic), then having a good jack stand at your disposal is simply a need. Of course, the worst thing you don’t want to imagine is having your vehicle crumble down on you while working beneath it just because you didn’t use proper tools. This is why it’s imperative to ensure that you get yourself a sturdy and good quality jack stand that can securely support your car.

Unfortunately, with thousands of these products out there, it can be incredibly difficult for you to choose the most reliable jack stand that’s also durable and portable enough. As such, we’ve gone out of our way to compile an informed list of some of the best jack stands on the market today. Simply read on to check out our honest reviews below. Additionally, you’ll find an in-depth jack stand buying guide at the end of this page.

Let’s go…

Jack Stands Reviews- Best Jack Stands 2019

Performance Tool W41021 2 Ton Capacity Jack Stand Set

If you’re in search of a robust jack stand for your vehicle or a light-duty truck, this pair of car jacks will certainly be worth your consideration. As a set, it’s estimated to hold approximately 2 tons of weight which therefore means that each stand can hold a maximum weight of 1 ton. Performance Tool W41021 comes with a heavy-duty construction with durable, sturdy, and rigid steel frame as well as a broad base that offers extra stability and strength when on load.

In addition, it can be adjusted to a maximum height of 13 inches and a lower range of 10 inches. Featuring the double locking pawl and quick adjustment mechanism, this 2-ton jack stand can provide the required stable support for most standard cars and SUVs.

Each set weighs around 11.95 pounds and is available at a very fair price.


  • Relatively affordable when compared to many other jack stands sets.
  • Features a heavy-duty construction which adds to their strength and rigidity.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Only limited to standard cars and lightweight trucks.
OTC (5372) Stinger 3 Ton Jack Stands

Sold in pairs, these OTC 5372 3-ton stands are formed and welded to a steel base for maximum strength. The jack stands come with a self-locking ratchet handle that can’t release under a load. They also feature an enamel finish that’s highly resistant to corrosion. The fact that these jack stands conform to ANSI PALD load ratings is one of the reasons that make them a top choice for many.

The patented design of OTC 5372 features four sturdy legs that will provide a strong support system and won’t sink into the ground. These stands are factory tested before shipment meaning that it’s unlikely that they’ll get broken or damaged when in use. They have a height range of 12 inches to 16 inches. Easily and quickly adjustable, this pair of stands exhibits a “caved in” top base which rests the vehicle pinch welds perfectly. If you own a light-duty truck, medium sized cars, or small to medium SUVs, then consider acquiring this high-quality set of OTC 5372 today.


  • Features a self-locking ratchet handle to ensure that nothing slides down by accident.
  • Meets the ANSI PALD load rating standards.


  • Some consumers have complained that the V-shaped groove at the top base is a bit narrow.
Alltrade 647529 4 Ton Jack Stand

If you’re looking for heavy-duty lifting jack stands made from durable material, you may want to take a look at Powerbuilt 647529 4-ton jack stands. This is a sturdy jack set built to exceed all the standards set by other stands on the market. With four points wide stance and a fully welded steel frame, Powerbuilt jack stands offer unmatched stability. Besides, they come with ratcheting ductile iron masts that provide about ten height settings. The heavy-duty 4-ton jack stands have a lifting range of 13 inches to 20 inches and meet and even surpass the ANSI standards. On top of their excellently created design, Powerbuilt jack stands are also remarkably stable yet lightweight, weighing at just 5 pounds.


  • Comes with four-point stances for excellent stability.
  • Feature ratcheting ductile iron masts which provide ten height settings to cater for all your adjustment needs.


  • Some customers have had an issue with the stands design claiming that it’s not as stable as they expected.
Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

When it comes to world leading brands as regards to motor parts, Torin is simply unparalleled. Indeed, the company’s relatively new set of T46002A jack stands is a testament to this statement. With it, you get 3 tons of weight capacity and since they are sold as a pair, you’ll have a total of 6 tons when you use the both of them. These stable jack stands are constructed using high-grade steel and are built to exhibit the highest quality and durability.

The presence of a safety pin design in the patent double-lock technology guarantees additional security and safety when working under your vehicle. Besides, their self-locking multi-position forged iron ratchet bars allow easy and precise adjustments ranging from 15.25 inches to 24 inches.

Perhaps what you’ll love more about T46002A stands are their large saddle surface area which offers better contact with the vehicle being supported thereby providing ample rest for comfortable underneath crawling. These stands work well with nearly all types of vehicles which is why they’ve quickly grown to become the preferred choice for many car owners largely due to their excellent construction and reasonable pricing.


  • They’re optimized to offer excellent support and durability
  • Come with a patented double lock technology embodied with a safety pin which helps to provide additional security when working under the car.


  • Some customers have expressed a few concerns over botched welds in some of the jack stands delivered.
Omega 32125B Black Jack Stand

Topping our list as the best jack stand is none other than the Omega 32125B, a well-built tool that has placed safety and stability as its primary concerns. This set of jack stands features a sturdy and robust welded steel construction, one piece multi position ductile iron ratchet bar, and counter weighted paw.

Its counter weighted paw offers you the ability to check if the ratchet bar is securely set in place while the ductile iron ratchet bar provides you with a multi-positioning capability and additional strength. Omega 32125B jack stand offers height ranges from 17 inches to 27 inches and a weight capacity of 12 tons for each stand.


  • Comes with a counterweighted pawl that securely locks the bar in position.
  • This jack stand has a wide base frame for maximum stability.
  • Comes with a strong, welded steel construction.
  • You get a full year warranty with every Omega 32125B purchase you make.


  • Omega 32125B can be a little bit bulky which means they can cause a portability problem for some drivers.

Best Jack Stands Buying Guidejack stands reviews

A regular jack stand comprises an A-shaped base frame, a rigid ratcheting frame that joins to a platform on which your vehicle rests, as well as a ratchet handle mechanism. Often, most jack stands permit smooth upward movement although the ratchet mechanism has to be disengaged especially if you want to lower the jack stand.

Like anything else, there exists dozens of jack stands models and types on the market with them coming in all sorts of price ranges and sizes. As such, you’ll need to first put into considerations some factors before you can buy the best and most affordable jack stands.

However, before we delve so much on that, let’s first take a look at some of the key reasons you might need a jack stand.

Why and When to Use a Jack Stand

A jack stand should be used anytime you’re performing a repair or maintenance that requires your car to come off the ground (even if it just involves replacing a single wheel). You’ll be surprised to know the huge proportion of car owners and even mechanics that tend to ignore this crucial tool even when it matters the most.

Below, we list some of the primary reasons to never overlook using a jack stand;

One of the commonly used types of jacks today is the hydraulic jacks. While most will serve you well, a few and especially the cheap ones do occasionally fail. As such, if you’re primarily relying on them for support, you could be calling for trouble. This is why you should always insist having a reliable jack stand to ensure your car is supported properly.

On the other hand, if you’re relying on a floor jack to hoist car, stability becomes the primary concern. Well, it might be stable in some cases; however, if you want to lift your car from a central point such as from the differential, the single point of contact will leave it wobbly and can thus tip to one side or the other without you even noticing.

Having a sturdy aluminum jack stands, therefore, allows you to provide your vehicle with multiple support points thereby helping you to avoid these dangerous tipping issues.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Jack Stands

  • Weight Capacity

A significant number of jack stands are rated in tons and not pounds. They range from as little as half a ton to more than 25 tons. When you are looking for the best jack stand for your car, make sure you to look out for one that can handle a little over the weight of your vehicle. For example, if your vehicle weighs 400 pounds (2tons), consider buying four 2 tons jack stands. This way, you’ll have all the support you need.

  • Broad Base

The wider the base of the jack stand, the higher its stability. A wide base will keep the jack from shifting or sinking into the ground and becoming unstable.

  • Adjustment Capability

There are two main types of jack stands on the market: adjustable and fixed height jack stands. The one you select depends on individual needs. Fixed weight jack stands tend to be very rigid and have less moving parts that can break or malfunction; unfortunately, most such come with limited capabilities.

Adjustable jack stands, on the other hand, can be notched above or below to attain the required height. A majority of stands in this category come with a center column which allow users to easily adjust the stands to a certain level.

There’s also another type known as the pin and hole style jack stand. As the name suggests, it features a metal pin that is inserted once you attain the required height.

Finally, there’s the rotation style jack which has a center column that you can turn clockwise or anticlockwise to adjust the height up or down.

How to Be Safe When Using Jack Stands

  • Never fully trust a hydraulic floor jack to support your lifted car by itself. In fact, as a rule of thumb, always use any of the best jack stands listed in the review section to eliminate any risk of failure or malfunction.
  • Make sure to place one jack stand per every lifted wheel so that you can distribute the weight of your car evenly.
  • Position your jack stands in the correct lift points of your vehicle since they’re reinforced to hold the weight of your car safely.
  • Make sure that the jack stand you buy is rated for the amount of weight you need. You can check the owner’s manual or search the internet for the exact weight ratings.


Jack stands are crucial tools that will provide you with the necessary stability when you need to work on your car. If you are the DIY kind, a top quality set of jack stands will come in handy in making your routine car repairs safe, quick, and comfortable to perform.

It is our hope that the reviews and buyer guide which we’ve offered you will enable you make more informed decisions and help you save on both money and time when looking for the best jack stands.

All the best!

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