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Best Radar Detectors Under 200 – Our Top Picks 2019

Are you looking for an affordable yet effective way to avoid constantly falling prey to police radar guns? You possibly need to check out our compilation of best radar detectors under 200.

Well, these devices often come in very handy particularly if you love being heavy on your pedal and still want to avoid cops dragnet. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to acquire a reliable tool to make your drives more relaxed and stress-free.

With under two bills, you can get a quality radar detector to notify you when you’ve crossed the speed limit and are possibly being watched by the cops.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the most effective police radar detector with high levels of detectability yet doesn’t cost you an arm.

Let’s go…

Escort Passport S55 Radar Detector

If you’re in need of quality, then you may want to consider buying the Escort Passport S55. This is among the best radar detectors under $200 offering long-range alerts on different radar and laser bands in the US. The device features DSP which ensure that you don’t have to deal with false alerts any longer.

The Escort Passport S55 also comes with an Auto-Sensitivity Mode that ensures you get alerts on real threats using other radar sources. This is a high-performance device that detects signals in good time so that you can drive easily.

Additionally, S55 features a high-density red light display that offers 3-meter display formats that include Expert meter, Spec Display, and standard bar graph. What’s more, you can use this device right out of the box unlike most other best radar detectors under 150 dollars.


  • Offers long-range warning of all laser and radar bands
  • Has Auto-sensitivity mode that offers improved radar protection


  • A few users said that the device needs to be a bit more accurate.
Radenso SP Radar Detector

Radenso SP also makes it to our list as one of the best bangs for the buck on the market. Available for under $200, this device offers excellent sensitivity as well as false alert filtering. Besides, it offers an unmatched ability to spot monitor systems from other cars on the road and filter out traffic sensors. This is made possible due to its 360 detection which helps you detect police laser from all sides.

To minimize false alerts, this top radar detector can still be segmented into Ka which ensures the highest levels of Ka-band sensitivity.

Other features you’ll love in this device include a bright OLED display that enhances visibility, multiple driving modes, as well as voice alerts with over 100 different messages.

What’s more, this could be one of the very few radar detectors under 200 that offers a ticket protection guarantee and a 2-year warranty at its price.


  • Quiet thanks to a low-noise amplifier equipped antenna.
  • Low power K-band detection


  • May sometimes give a few false alerts
Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector

Cobra RAD 450 is one of the best performing sub $200 radar detectors you can get on the market today. The device features a distinctive gold-plated circuit board inside which prevents any circuit loss. Besides, it also boasts a super-fast sensitivity with unmatched detection capability with the range being fantastic too.

The display of the Cobra RAD 450 is worth some praise as it features an OLED screen that gives remarkably accurate readings. This display is also customizable to produce different color themes.

Perhaps what you’ll love the most about this smart radar detector is its small size and design that makes it easy to fit on your car.

Other notable features that help stamp its position as among the best radar detectors on the market include a funky tone alert service, VG/2 spectre capability, a filtering mode to help eliminate unnecessary false alerts, laser eye, auto mute, and digital strength meter.


  • Relatively quiet.
  • high quality build materials
  • Long-lasting circuit

After the release of its hugely successful 78SE version, Whistler decided to come up with an updated version in the form of Whistler CR85. This device now ticks almost all the right boxes when you need the best radar and laser detectors.

For starters, CR85 comes with Ka max band which improves its efficiency to detect radar guns at long ranges hence offering more accurate data readings than most of its counterparts. The Ka max band also helps to increase the bandwidth of Ka-band while also minimizing the fluctuation rate of the bandwidth.

This high quality radar detector which you can get for under 200 dollars works superbly by offering the necessary advanced warnings you need to escaping cops speed. Another highlight feature of Whistler CR85 is its low emission capability which ensures that other radar detectors cams cannot detect its signal wavelength. What’s more, it offers a 360-degree coverage to offer detection on the front, rear and the sides.


  • Easily readable display
  • unparalleled sensitivity to police radar guns


  • May sometimes give false alerts
Uniden DFR7 Radar Detector

Looking for an ultra-performing radar detector at a budget? Uniden DFR7 radar detector is your perfect suit. This device offers incredible sensitivity to all laser and radar bands including K, X, and superwide Ka bands. Coming with an in-built GPS and an alerts for both speed and red light cameras, the DFR7 is an amazing device for beginners and advanced users alike.

Other remarkable features you’ll enjoy while using this tool include a MAX speed warning system to alert you when you’re the past the allowed speed and an ultra-bright OLED display for easier reading of warnings.

This top radar detector under 200 dollars also comes with digital signal processing and auto scan processing to ensure minimal false alarms.


  • Picks up at a good distance
  • Easy to use
  • Offers immense value for under 200 dollars


  • Lacks a long battery life


While this list is by no means a comprehensive collection of best radar detectors in the market, it comprises what most customers and experts recommend. With any of them, you no longer have to worry much when driving as each will get your job well done.

So, get yourself one of the best radar detectors under 200 today and remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

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