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Best Wheel Locks 2019 – Who Makes The Best Wheel Locks?

Let’s face it, theft happens all the time which is why it’s crucial to always look for effective ways to secure our possessions. And with a simple anti-theft device such as a wheel lock, you can easily protect one of your most valued belongings- your vehicle.

Just as the name suggests, the main function of a wheel lock is to deter your vehicle (or even bike) from moving freely. What’s more? It also helps to discourage thieves from stealing your wheels.

Of course, there won’t be a 100% guarantee that your wheels won’t be interfered with; in fact, no wheel lock manufacturer will offer you this kind of surety. However, these devices can play such a terrific job in deterring petty thieves from robbing you of your valued asset or its parts.

For today’s post, therefore, we outline some of the best wheel locks you can consider today. In addition, we have prepared a comprehensive wheel locks buyer guide at the final section of this page so remember to check that out too.

Ready? Let’s go…

5 Best Wheel Locks Reviews

TOYOTA Genuine Accessories Wheel Lock

Sourcing from Japan’s most reputable automobile manufacturer Toyota, GTA wheel lock guarantees you steel-tough protection against wheel theft.

So, why does it top the list of our best wheel locks? Here’s why.

Its material is rustproof, durable, and resistant to ordinary wear and tear. Besides, its design is made up of a double-steel plate and a colorful coating to reduce chances of corrosion. Toyota was also keen to add an artistic touch to its outward appearance which makes it a beauty to the eye albeit an aggressive monster when put to task.

During our test exercise, we tried to squash and bend this wheel lock’s nut while still fastened to the wheel stud. Impressively it never gave in to the significant pressure we were putting on it using a. In addition, we unlocked it and squeezed it once more but the material couldn’t warp whatsoever. We further examined the fasteners’ threads, and to our surprise, not a single path line was damaged.

Other impressive features of the GTA Wheel Lock include smart redistribution of weight on the lug nut, a unique key for each set, and a collar to ease the installation process. Now, weighing between the amount of security this wheel lock guarantees and the price with which it comes, we find it to be an excellent product worth considering.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Rustproof
  • Reasonable prices
  • Appealing visual appearance
  • Smart, balanced weight distribution to all nut lugs
  • Enhanced security from smart fastener threading


  • Fixed number of nuts- no spares.
McGard Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

The incredibly high consumer ratings that this wheel lock by McGard boasts clearly express user’s confidence and trust in this product. McGard has been in the wheel and lock business since 1964 which can help explain why it’s such a respected brand today.

Our experience with the product was sensational. First to impress was the price tag by the manufacturers and secondly their readiness to extend the warranty if the wheel lock malfunctioned.

You’ll notice how easy it is to attach and tighten the bolt to the threaded fasteners when you have the right key combination. Now try loosening using an ordinary nut wrench or grip and face its full muscle. There’s no known workaround to remove these locks once you set them in position. All you need is to guard the key carefully to avoid the frustration of a lockout.

The building material of these wheel locks primarily comprises nickel and traces of chrome. They are also thoroughly hardened to increase structural integrity for resistance to pressure. The first layer protects the wheel lock from corrosion, the second embellishes it, while the third is infused with chrome to guard against natural wear and tear.

This lock employs an octal-hexing architecture to resemble the stock lug wrench; a feature that helps to enhance its cross-vehicle compatibility. Its rotating surface is precisely designed to improve grip and uniform distribution of load around the wheel stud.


  • Created by an experienced and highly reputable manufacturer
  • Has a sturdy exterior and interior
  • Made of non-corrosive material
  • Uniquely designed lock and key architecture
  • Supports a wide range of wheels


  • Unclear warranty policies.
DPAccessories Chrome Locking Lug Nuts Wheel Locks

DPAccessories wheel lock comes in a set of four bolts and a single key. Its original and rare design will fascinate you, not to mention the uniquely computer generated key-to-lock pattern. The creators of this top wheel locks offer replacement services whenever the key faults from either breaking or bending. This and the following other amazing features justify why it gets a spot on our list of the best wheel lock options you can consider.

The primary building material is steel which undergoes an exhaustive hardening procedure to increase resistance, resilience, and durability. It also contains other layers including copper to prevent rusting, nickel to resist corrosion, and a chromium compound for a lustrous finish.

Its grooves are carefully crafted to improve clutch around the stud and resistance during hard braking. This set comes in different sizes making it apt for almost any four-wheeled model. Remember to use only a single lug per wheel.


  • Duplicate-proof key (unique pattern)
  • Hardened body for increased durability
  • Cleverly designed for pressure resistance
  • Colorful visual appearance
  • Easy removal and installation


  • Ships only in sets of four.
Gorilla Automotive Acorn Guard Locks

In comparison to the other best wheel locks that we’ve reviewed above, nothing can beat Acorn Gorilla wheel lock when it comes to being a master of all trades. Its external design is socketed and round which eliminates the possibility of unlocking using vice grips. The smooth surface glides when you try rotating the grips. The only possible hack would be to use a hammer which would, of course, attract noise and attention. Its security is undoubtedly top notch.

While using the key, you’ll realize it that engages the whole nut. This feature is helpful for the distribution of pressure across all the facets of the bolt. Breakages, bending, and wearing out of the grip areas can thus be avoided.

This lock has an angled edge (the tightening region next to the rim) with a slightly wider diameter to spread torque over a larger surface area. This means that it can work with rims made from aluminum with nil chances of gliding.

The steel material used to make this wheel lock can withstand up to 100 ft. lbs. of torque without signs of deformation. This helps it weather external pressure quite effortlessly.

We decided to bypass its security by tightening the rest of the stock nuts to make it lose. However, it didn’t move. Instead only the spinning sleeve was engaged.

A caveat though is that this wheel lock rusts after about a year of usage which could weaken its security and reliability.


  • Anti-grip skin for increased wheel safety
  • Smartly forged key and lock for fewer breakages
  • Nut-tightening protection
  • Resists hammering security bypass
  • Reasonable price.


  • Vulnerable to rust and corrosive formulas.
Zone Tech Anti- Theft Protective Vehicle Wheel Lock

The traditional wheel locks for trailers and other heavy vehicles are hard to come by due to the factor of size. However, this pacesetter by Zone Tech Security is quickly gaining favor, and it has proved its worth over and over. What’s unique about it?

Quality material- its exterior is smooth for portability and handling. On the other hand, its interior is made up of an alloy of superior materials smelted intensely to increase durability, vigor, and resistance to damage.

Double Keys- It comes with two keys for convenience when one breaks or gets lost.

Easy usability – Unlike other wheel locks, this one doesn’t require installation. You only wrap it around the wheel, turn the key on, and your vehicle is safe.

The only shortcoming is its weight. It’s a little heavier to carry around. Never forget to unclamp it from the wheel when igniting your vehicle. You risk bursting the tires or bending the building frame.


  • Double keys for convenience
  • Solves cross-compatibility problems
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Powerful and high-quality material


  • Cumbersome to carry.

Wheel Locks Buyer Guide

Who Makes the Best Wheel Locks?

Like any other market, you can expect to find various manufacturers of wheel locks. And as expected, not all will deliver as they promise which means some of the products you find on the market will often be disappointing in the end.

But don’t worry…

We’ve combed through numerous wheel locks makers to ensure you get products made by only the best.

So, check out the best wheel locks manufacturers below.

McGard Wheel Locks

Anyone who has been in the automotive industry for a while will agree that McGard is one of the top brands as far as producing best wheel locks is concerned. Outlined below are reasons that back this up.

  • Sturdy materials used

McGard only uses hardened and tempered steel in making its wheel locks. And as you can expect, it is pretty difficult to find many manufacturers that match this kind of quality.

  • Precision threads

When it comes to wheel locks, there are various standards that ought to be followed, chief among them being the OEM Proof Load. And with standards that range between 135,000 and 160,000 PSI, McGards products are some of the sturdiest you’ll find on the market today.

  • 8 Key Hex Sizes

This is arguably the biggest selling point of the McGard wheel locks especially now that it’s the only manufacturer that offers so many key hex size variations. With these many options, you can be sure that the company has something for nearly any lug wrench out there.

  • Triple-Nickel Chrome Plating

This feature is key in protecting your wheel locks against corrosions and rust while making them look more polished.

  • All Types of Key Patterns Available

Considering that all McGards key designs are computer generated, you can be sure that none can be replicated which means more security for your car.

  • User-Friendly

Let’s admit it, no one wants to deal with a tool that complicates their already complicated lives further. This is why we bet you’ll love wheel locks by McGard since they are incredibly easy to install and remove. This is because they come with steel collars aimed at seamlessly guiding the key into its lock. This way, you don’t have to struggle trying to fit it in place.

Gorilla Wheel Locks

There are two things that impressed us and perhaps even helped to convince us to add Gorilla to this post. The first aspect has, of course, to be the reliability of its wheel locks. The second is the company’s slogan which sums it all- “Because It’s a Jungle Out There.”

This company manufactures some of the best wheel locks around and in a fashion nearly similar to McGard.

First, all its products have unique security patterns, are made using hardened steel, triple chrome plated for both strength and aesthetic purposes, and most importantly, user-friendly.

In some of its latest locks also, Gorilla has introduced a foolproof dual-stage technology which helps double your car/wheels’ security.

Other Trusted Manufacturers of Top Wheel Locks Include;

  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Subaru
  • The Club
  • DPAccessories
  • Coocheer

How to Choose the Right Wheel Locks 2019

If you’re looking to protect your car’s tires using wheel locks, then you need to understand the right features to look for before making your purchase. Below are some of the key aspects to consider;

  • User-friendliness

In as much as car safety comes first, you obviously would not fancy having to spend ages trying to install or remove your wheel locks every time you park your car. For this reason, ensure to buy locks that are easy to drive yet very difficult for a thief to unlock.

  • Unique key

As seen earlier in this post, some of the best wheel locks companies computerize their key designs generation process. This is meant to ensure that no two key resembles each other which of course makes the locks more reliable.

  • Compatibility

Not every set of wheel locks will fit your car. As such, it’s important for you to confirm with your car wheel manufacturer regarding the right wheel locks to use. Thankfully, with Amazon (which is the place we recommend you buy all your auto parts from), you’ll find a really helpful tool whereby all you need is to enter your car’s make, model, and year of manufacture to get feasible wheel locks suggestions for your car.

  • Design

No one wants to look or have an ugly possession. And so, try to find wheel locks with a clean design and preferably that are chrome-plated.

  • Brand

Like anything else, there are specific brands which you can never go wrong with whenever you buy their products. These are highly reputable companies that have a face to save and which have served thousands if not millions of satisfied customers. Luckily for you, we’ve already listed for you the most respected companies that offer the best wheel locks on the market today.

  • Price

The price you pay for anything almost always defines the quality of product or service you get. This is why we recommend that you don’t take shortcuts especially for a crucial tool such as a wheel lock that’s capable of savings a couple hundred dollars’ worth of your car or wheels.

Wheel Locks FAQs

  • How many wheel locks do I need?

To be honest, there’s no exact limit here; you’re free to use as many or as few as you deem appropriate. However, we recommend that you use at least one set of wheel locks per tire for complete peace of mind. You can even go ahead and replace all the lug nuts for the ultimate protection of your car.

  • How do I remove my wheel locks?

When you purchase your wheel locks, you’ll be given a unique key which offers you the only way to remove them. Of course, some of these keys may not be as unique as the manufacturer says. However, as we had mentioned earlier, manufacturers worth their name will always offer additional protections such as having an internal nut pattern which prevents removal through brute force or related processes.

  • What happens if I lose my unique key?

Your unique key is one of the crucial items that you need to keep a close eye on and store it properly. In fact, you’ll need to safeguard it so as to ensure you don’t misplace or have it get into the hands of the wrong people. However, if it happens to get lost, then contact your manufacturer/supplier for advice. Most of them will also include a replacement ID in every set of wheel lock set they provide you.

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