Creative ways to spend time while waiting for car service

There are times when your engine service lights twinkle and it’s time for the next car service. When the service light comes on, it is time to book a meeting with your car service center to ensure that your car is checked. In the car service area, you can find few cars in front of you waiting for service and you’re forced to wait for your turn. Just like a lot of people that I know, I am sure you don’t fancy waiting in a queue and you can sometime become impatient.

Thus, you will all agree with me that spending time while you wait for your car to be serviced can be boring and every second can feel like infinity. It is even more stressful if your phone battery ran out and you’re required to sit through an hour or two in the service center. When you find yourself in such a situation, these are interesting stuffs that you can try:

5 Activities that can help you pass time swiftly in a car service centre

Play Golf

Golfing is considered a boring game for those who have never tried it. However, it’s a gentleman’s game and you can make good business deals or contacts in the golf course. So if you have an hour or two to spare just grab your golf bag and try the game.

Read a Book

It is good to carry a novel, book, magazine, or newspaper with you on such a day. A good read is mind-blowing and can give you new ideas on particular issues or enlighten you on a topic of interest. Most service center has reading material but you may find they’re either outdated or not suited for your precise industry.


Skateboarding is thrilling and can turn your hour of waiting into seconds. The game can be used as a sport and a recreational activity that offers you a superb opportunity for workout and exercise. Thus, if you’re a good skateboarder, you can pick your skateboard and do a few tricks as you wait for the car service to be completed.

Go for a Coffee Date

You may be busy all through that you don’t have time for yourself or the people you love. The waiting time in the car service can provide a perfect opportunity for you to catch up with people you love or just have your nice moment. Thus, going for a coffee date is not a bad idea especially during winter or just a romantic coffee with someone you love.

Try to Walk Around

Try recalling the last time you had a good walk and enjoyed some fresh air. Probably, it is long since you had a walk as you’re always on your car. This time provide you with the best opportunity to have a walk and catch some fresh air.

Final Thought

This article has offered 5 activities that can assist you pass time swiftly. Nonetheless, there are many activities that you can do as you wait for your vehicle to be serviced. The idea of engaging in an activity is to ensure that you get to enjoy every moment you spend on the car service center.

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